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Anonymous asked
Any tips for public sex?

1- don’t get caught;
2- look for cameras;
3- if you can get a 3rd have them be a look out, guess you really need 4, so one can hold the camera;
4- we have an auto timer on ours;
5- be quick about it, this is not the time to go at it for 45min;
6- don’t take off more than you must to get the deed done, jock straps are prefect for this;
7- just have fun.
Or just go to a Nudest resort, it is expected that some people will be having sex in public.

Anonymous asked
Recently found this blog. So hot, especially today's edition. Is the top guy a master in the relationship/bottom a sub? Noticed lots of ropes and "sir" reference in previous video. Keep posting more!

We roll play and yes the bottom does like to be dominated. You could say I am an aggressive bottom. However, when we find a hot bottom we want to bring in and play with, I become a very dominate top. I will tell him what I will do, what we will do with his hole, positions we want him in. If he complains, one of us just shoves a cock in his mouth. But always respecting each other’s roles so everyone has a good time.

Anonymous asked
How can you have sex on a dance floor ?

Tons of people around, it is dark, partner is hard, my ass is still lubbed from sex earlier, he slides my pants down to expose my ass, he pulls his cock out, and slides in a little spit too.

Anonymous asked
Where did you get your leather pants? I want a pair :)

Berlin. There are a ton of great places and stores. But found one that was perfect for me.

Anonymous asked
Where is the most unusual place you have had sex?

That depends on what you call unusual. Parking lot, on the beach, dance floor and even a bar with about 75 people watching us😈

New leather pants, access in the rear and front. Can’t wait for MAL and IML this year.

Anonymous asked
Hey I'm a virgin me and my boyfriend wanted to know how to have sex. Like what do we to know. Tips advice. And risk...!

Send us a message not anonymously with how to contact you to give you some advise. We will not post your info.