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Anonymous asked
Do you guys travel and hook up? Like the maverickmen?

We travel, and we have hooked up with others. We don’t usually plan that much in advance for who we hook up with unless they are really fucking hot, a model, a porn actor, or … We still want to meet and hang out a bit, it is never they walk in our hotel, strip, we fuck and they go.

Anonymous asked
What advice would you give so,someone who wants to start photographing/ filming their sex and then posting it?

Take some pics, see which ones look good and then post them. It is a journey, start off easy. Like nude selfies in the bathroom, maybe morningwood pics. If you are looking to gain followers or get reposted, use hashtags#.

Hubby drunk on the couch passed out from yesterday.  I will suck on his cock till it gets hard.

Hubby drunk on the couch passed out from yesterday. I will suck on his cock till it gets hard.

Barcelona Kitchen sex Mobile Porn on M.XTube.com

Fucking in the kitchen in Barcelona. The neighbors were watching and started stroking, wish I had a 2nd camera to get them. Non mobile version- http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=4DBiL-G794-

Anonymous asked
What is your fave underwear?

Jocks. Not stuck on a name brand.

Anonymous asked
Just recently found this blog and I just had to come on here and say you two are so damn attractive, lol and have a wonderful relationship. Can't wait to have what you two have. Keep up the good work! :)

I am sure you will find it, there is someone for everyone. Just be yourself, submit if you like it or take charge. You never know what you will find. We found….sorry, can’t say here, but he keeps us occupied. 😈

Anonymous asked
what's the youngest you would go to? The guy who I lost my virginity to is 35 and I'm significantly younger... what can I say I like older me

18, we have done that.

Anonymous asked
What ate you wearing for Halloween?

My husbands cock in my ass, and a pair of cell block 13 socks.

The husband was bad today, so I bound his wrists to his ankles and did as wanted to him. Left him with my cum dripping out in that position for a while after I unloaded deep inside.